Milan Man Fashion Week 2020

   This season is full of colour and keep it in year 70/80. Simple shape, moder line and hi-tech fabric make this season more” IN” in we can imagin. Red, yellow, green, blue or pink this a palette of commanding color in 2020. Looking in the runway I see clunky shoes, good cut suit, oversize coat and leather pice at the last bag.
To be define this season in one word?  „diversity”!!!
Every each fashion show is different,with  Gucci we back to 70 when people expriment with size, fabric and sexuality.
Fendi, A-Cold-Wall and Tod’s make men wardobe more classic with suit, good cut suit, coat and erthen colour. In another side MSGM and Tom Ford make your collection more colorful for young customer.

Gucci Fall 2020


A-Cold-Wall Fall 2020



Fendi Fall 2o2o



Alexander McQueen Fall 2020



MSGM Fall 2020



PRADA Fall 2020



Tod’s Fall 2020



Etro Fall 2020



Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2020



Tom Ford Fall 2020



Ami Fall 2020