Fall 2021 Meanswear

  Fall/Winter 2021 in men bring us a lot of new form, disaparity silhouette and multitude of colours. Looking in cat walk we see domination of colours yellowe, pink, green or light blue.  „In” well be combinations unusual like yellow/purple or light blue/green, the same it happens with print and texture fabric.  Men wardrobe well be full of contrast  betwen style what we see in fashion show (Etro, MSGM or LV) …
Significant  factory well be leather outwear compere with puffer jacket wearing with classic suit. Lot of designer well be offer  monochrome look (Zagna ,Fedni). In the end and not the last accessories well be full of colour palette, flash and others fabric. In that case prevail Louis Vuitton, Prada or Fendi.
Looking in men Fall 2021 I chosen the most amazing fashion show, silhouette and trends who well be „In” future season. Enjoy

Prada Fall 2021

Etro Fall 2021


Fendi Fall 2021



Ermenrgildo Zegna Fall 2021



MSGM Fall 2021



Louis Vuitton Fall 2021







Vetements Fall 2021



Hermes Fall 2021


Paul Smith Fall 2021


Dior Fall 2021


Dries Van Note Fall 2021