My name is Sebastian. I love fashion, lifestyle and travel.

  As a young polsih boy a I moved to United Kingdom in 2013 to face new challenges.
Due to my preferences for fashion as well as my passion for lifestyle, photography and travelling I created my blog called “Ala Mode Garcon” five years ago. To this day my blog stands for authenticity, style and innovation. Whether it is about my last trip or a look behind the scenes of the world of men fashion I’ll take you with me and be true to who I am.
All my inspirations are collected from different facets of life: Often big cities, architecture and colors. But my biggest Inspiration is and will always be the street . In my opinion street  influences the feelings of every human being and brings creativity to life.
Ale Mode Garcon inspires not only his readers with a touch of coolness coupled with authencitiy but sparks the interest of several international brands.